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YMCA Gymstars Philosophy


The primary purpose of the Green Bay YMCA is to promote the spiritual, mental and physical well-being of all persons.

The purpose of the Green Bay YMCA sports program is to use competition as a tool for learning the life-long values of goal-setting and hard work for reward. Participants should learn to accept winning with humility and defeat with dignity and strive to try harder.

The Green Bay YMCA competitive gymnastics team exists to benefit children who show an interest in training and competing. The objectives of the program are to help these young athletes safely develop to their full potential, while clarifying their personal values.

The team is a tool to reach and teach youth important life values and decision- making skills. The program stresses self-improvement. Winning is a secondary goal. Positive support from coaches and parents help to accomplish the program goals:


  • Development of self-esteem
• Development of lasting friendships
• Development of lifestyle of health and fitness
• Development of discipline, cooperation, sportsmanship, dedication and confidence
• Development of Christian values such as Caring, Respect, Honesty and Responsibility
• Opportunity for travel
• Safe development of advanced skills
• Have Fun!
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