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Gymstars Parents Roll & Involvement

Parents working together with coaches, officials and administrators, have a unique opportunity to influence the lives of young athletes. Positive support will help gymnasts develop to their full potential while clarifying their personal values.
There are many ways to show this positive support. These include:
  • Have gymnasts at practice regularly and on time.
• Encourage children to get proper rest and develop good nutritional habits.
• Encourage participation in team social events.
• Attend gymnastics meet competitions regularly.
• Be informed by reading the handbook, information sheets and newsletters.
• Praise your gymnast and other team members.

Parents are the backbone of the Gymnastics Team Parent Club. Parent involvement is vital for a strong and effective team.

  • Help support fund-raisers.
• Be available to work at the home meet.
• Attend the monthly Parents’ Club meetings held the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:00pm.
• Volunteer to take a Parent Club or Committee Office.
• Enjoy the gymnastics team season.


When a gymnast becomes a member of the team, her parents become members of the Parent Club. All Gymnastics Team parents are expected to work on one of the team committees. There is no sign-up and dues are not required.

The primary purpose of the YMCA Gymnastics Team Parent Club is to provide the necessary support for the Gymnastics team and to serve as liaison between and parents, the coaching staff and the YMCA administration.

A general, required parents meeting is held annually in September for the purpose of information sharing and for the announcement of new
Parent Club members. All new positions will become active in October.
Parent Club meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 6:00pm in the Downtown YMCA boardroom and are open to all gymnastics team parents.

All Gymnastics Team and Parent Club income and expenses will be processed through the YMCA accounting office.

Offices and Duties:
The Parent Club shall choose officers and committee chairs at the first meeting in September. They shall serve in this capacity for one year. The president should be a Parent Club member for one year before becoming president.

When a child joins the team, his/her parents automatically become members of the
Parents Club. This club sets requirements for the amount of time parents will be
needed to work at meets and parent fund-raisers, as well as food donations.
Details will be covered at the parents meeting.

The parents have a major role in the success of our home meet, held in February. There are many volunteer opportunities during this meet that are necessary to fill in order to run a smooth, successful meet. We, therefore, require that all parents volunteer to work, at least, 4 hours during this meet. Please sign the commitment form to fulfill this need, found on the last page of this handbook, and return it to the Gymnastics & Dance Director in September, 2006. Thank you.
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