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Gymstars Membership & Fees


All Green Bay YMCA Gymnastics Team members must be full members of the YMCA. These memberships vary from individual youth to family memberships. YMCA members are entitled to use the building facilities during regular business hours.

Facilities include pools, weight rooms, gymnasiums, racquetball courts, jogging tracks and some classes. Discounts on other classes are also offered to full members. Memberships may be paid on a monthly basis by bank or credit card draft or annually.

Memberships may be used at all the Greater Green Bay sites — Downtown, Broadview, East Side and West Side.
Annual membership options:

• Youth $15.00 monthly bank or credit card draft or $180.00 annually
• Family $59.25 monthly bank or credit card draft or $711.00 annually, plus a $75.00 joiner fee

The diversity of programs available make family memberships very popular. For more information, please contact Jamie Hanner, the Membership Director at 920.436.9620.


Tuition for the 2007-08 Fall/Winter/Spring Season:
(Sept. 10, 2007 — May 31, 2008)
Level 4 $528.00
Level 5 $592.00
Levels 6, 7, 8 $655.00

Parents should select from the following two tuition payment options and complete the Parent Financial Agreement Covering Tuition form:
A. Full tuition paid by September 10, 2007.
B. Nine equal bank or credit card draft monthly payments beginning September, 2007 and ending May, 2008.


An Escrow Account includes money paid, in advance, to cover expenses that occur during the year for meet entry fees, state registration, team uniforms, etc.
Parents must be certain that there is a positive (-credit) balance in their gymnast’s escrow account at ALL times. An initial escrow payment of $75.00 (covering Team Fee* meet travel expenses for coaches) is due for each gymnast by Sept. 10, 2007. If your gymnast will be ordering a new team leotard, jacket, and/or pants, the cost of those items should be deposited by October 1.






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