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YMCA Meet Information & Details


A tentative meet schedule is provided each year ta the beginning of the season Parents should check for meets that conflict with previously planned family events.

If a gymnast is unable to attend a meet, parents must put it in writing and submit it to Beth Kennerhead, Gymnastics & Dance Director, or to Julie Harris, Downtown YMCA Administrative Assistant. As long as we receive the request before we register or three months prior to the date of the meet, a registration fee will not be charged.

YMCAs hosting meets generally send out registration paperwork September through November. We are registered on a first come, first served basis, so the director registers all gymnasts (unless otherwise informed) immediately. Once a gymnast is entered in a meet, the entry fees are non-refundable — the only exception is if a gymnast is injured and a doctor’s excuse is submitted to the Gymnastics Director or to Julie Harris. Verbal communication to coaches or director is not acceptable,

Please make sure that your gymnast attends practice the week of a meet, to ensure that she is ready to execute her skills safely.

Make sure you plan to leave early enough to allow yourself plenty of time for traffic and any other unforeseen obstacles. Gymnasts must attend warm-ups and stretching prior to their competition time.

Transportation to all meets and overnight stays, if necessary, are the parents’ responsibility. Many of the gymnasts car-pool or travel together.

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