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About The Team


Gymnasts start by taking core gymnastics classes that are focused on building strength, flexibility, coordination and self-esteem while teaching basic gymnastics skills. From beginning to advanced, these programs move your child progressively through skill levels widely seen in ladies gymnastics events.

With Kinder Gymnastics, Intro to Gymnastics and levels 1, 2 & 3 there is sure to be a program that will fit the skills of your daughter and get on track to join the competitive YMCA Gymstars gymnastics team.


The YMCA is proud of its Gymstars Competitive Gymnastics Team. This team is the only gymnastics team in the Green Bay YMCA system and as a result girls from across the Green Bay area are involved.

Joining this team is a wonderful goal for any beginning or intermediate gymnast. The competitive YMCA gymnastics team begins with level four and gymnasts displaying these skills during core gymnastics classes are invited to join.

Competing in Floor, Beam, Bars and Vault, this team competes against other YMCA Teams at local, state and national events. Becoming a team member helps girls develop strong character values such as respect, responsibility, leadership and teamwork.

To see how you might fit stop by or call (920.436.9651) the Gymnastics and Dance director at the Downtown YMCA.

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